Heated Floor in Sprinter?


Hi Guys!

Has anyone ever installed heated floors in their van? Wondering if it may be better for heat than an Espar heater. If so, any info on brands to use etc?



While some people seem to like overly complicated builds, I have become a true believer in the KISS principle. (KEEP IT STUPIDLY SIMPLE)

Things break and/or get worn out, a simple fact of life. The simpler and easier they are to repair or replace the better. A portable heater can be cheap and easy to replace, while being equally as effective. The more experience we get, the less complicated most of us want things. We embrace simple, cheap, and easy repairs or replacements, that we can find almost anywhere, and won’t cause us any down time.

Complicated systems can turn your dream into a nightmare, and devastate your finances. Just a little food for thought…