Health Insurance


Hello Friends! Since my husband and I are planning to quite our jobs for a year we are trying to figure out what options are available for Health Insurance. We are in the U.S., specifically NY currently. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!


What exactly do you mean in terms of:

This could mean multiple things. Please clarify, thanks!


We are wondering what other vanlifers are doing for health insurance that is not state specific or bank account draining to cover any broken bones or emergency hospital visits, etc. while on the road (since we will no longer have health insurance through our employers). Or are people just going without and paying the federal penalty for not having health insurance?


It does vary greatly depending on the state you call home, but subsidized medical insurance purchased on some state exchanges (like Washington state) is nearly free.

We are paying $70 a month for a couple, late 40s for a policy that has a $500 a year deductible but covers 100% for regular checkups, flu shots, etc. They even give us back a $50 visa card for getting a checkup and a $25 card for getting a flu shot.


Gotcha! We were not sure how that worked with traveling but makes sense to keep it in your home state because we will also need a mailbox as well.

That is a really good deal! I’ll have to look into what NY has and if we qualify. Thank you for the information!


There are some people that live without health insurance but that’s pretty risky. Considering that you are living on the road and anything can happen on the road!