Health Insurance Resources?

I searched throughout the forum and only found a little bit of information on health insurance and most posts were just saying you need it.

Does anyone have some resources for health insurance for travelers who are going to be in multiple states (without an option for employer-based health coverage) ?

I’ve looked into some Health Savings/Sharing Accounts and they seem the best option for my wife and I now.

Bumping this because I still cannot find a solid plan for health insurance if we are self-employed and travelling. Would really appreciate if anyone could share their experience with this!

I assume that you’re in the US since we seem to be the only developed country in the world that doesn’t have a good system of healthcare. Have you tried the ACA (Obamacare) website or your state’s equivalent? If your income is low it shouldn’t cost much.

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From what I’ve heard, for low income folks, some of the state run health care programs are much better & much cheaper than obamacare.

Check this out:


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The state-run programs ARE Obamacare; only run through the state.

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Beyond employer insurance or Obamacare the only other option is private insurance. Which, is actually fairly cheap, but cheap means it covers no pre existing conditions.

ACA is too expensive for us, our income is above threshold plus we will be in various states so that is an issue.

I have been looking into Private Health Care insurance providers I just can’t seem to find the best fit for us. It’s amazing the amount of private coverages available currently and the other not-so-well-known health share programs are looking to be cheaper options for us than state-health care (also not much of a hassle as ACA is).

I’m just wondering if anyone else has gone the route of private health share programs or health care providers and what their experience or recommendations are.

I guess I’m confused on why it matters if you are in various states or not? I can use my insurance in any state. If I went to a different country that would be an issue.

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@Bretly is correct. The insurance is limited only by networks, not state lines. I verified that through the agency I signed up with. Better to go through an insurance agent that sells the plans. It costs nothing, and it gives you someone you can talk to and ask questions. But the premiums themselves (without a subsidy) are extremely high.

But I’m sure that all the families of four are still saving $2500 per year.

Thanks for the replies. Useful information too.

We will not qualify for any ACA insurance.

If anyone else is reading this. Health-Share plans are becoming popular and a bit more… inexpensive? Depends on your state I reckon but Health share plans that we are looking at will end up being less expensive then what I pay for my wife to be on my employment healthcare plan!

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Hi: Do you know if the Obamacare program requires that members get medical care only in the address state? Or can they get medical care while traveling?

What type of insurance do you have that is cross-state coverage?

Again, I don’t really understand your question, I just have a typical health plan no HSA. Even with obamacare you are still buying a standard health plan when you purchase through the marketplace. There shouldn’t be any borders on it. At least not in the united states, I’m not sure how it works out of the country.