Health food while traveling

How do you guys try to stay healthy on the road?

I try to

  • eat lots of fruits for the fiber and vitamin c.
  • eat local, eat fresh, like if i pass by farmers markets, will buy vegetables, meats and eggs, and honey from the locals
  • try to walk more if i can
  • eat more nuts and seeds, like chia seeds, quinoa
  • avoid fast food
  • enjoy myself!

share more tips on keeping healthy! :smiley:



I gave up on trying to eat what was supposedly healthy within about a year of starting, my energy level went way down, and so did my stamina, sleep was restless, and ambition almost non existent, and constantly exhausted.

So I made a conscious decision that I didn’t want to live longer in misery, I’d rather live a shorter life while enjoying my meals and my life. I typically eat out 2-3 times a week, and cook full, tasty meals for myself on all other days. If I’m in the mood for fast food, I go for it, although the urge isn’t very often. About once a month, to boost my veggie count, I’ll go out for Chinese food.

So my decision is to eat what makes me feel healthy, rather than what others tell me is healthy.


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We found our time in the van was some of our healthiest ever. Not so much because we were focused on it, just became a byproduct of living a lifestyle focused on happiness and being outdoors.

We ate the same type of meals we would have eaten in a house, but often included local food/veggies we sourced wherever we were visiting/passing through.

For us the additional health benefits seemed to be more from the hiking, the amount we would walk around a neighborhood rather than driving once we found a solid place to park/leave the van etc.

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local food, i guess u get tons of freshness and none of those preservative chemical stuff! :smiley:

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interesting idea! i see that you are really interesting.
eat what you feel its interesting! :smiley:

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just bought lots of fresh food, vegetables eggs and milks at a local market!
whoooa… and a few nice piece of meat =)
healthy… tasty eating tonight!

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Eat whatever you would like to have.

i always look for local produce at farmers markets.
fresh is best!
local eggs, local vegetables, and local meat if any. fresh produce healthier and pays directly to farmers (or local merchants).
ooo and local honey too. i have a sweet spot for honey. :slight_smile:

honey is always great. especially if u can find local honey.
i buy manuka honey from overseas, not cheap, but i can’t get it in america

I advise you to eat meat is very good for the body. I love to eat meat myself and I know how healthy it is. If you want to eat healthy meat should be your diet. But there are many other good foods.

Greetings & Welcome @Simeonov!

I definitely agree. I’m a meat & potatoes kind of guy, because that’s what makes me feel healthy. Fruits & veggies are great, and many other things can compliment meat & potatoes too, but without the meat & potatoes, my energy levels take a serious dive.


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