Heading for van life

I am a medically retired RN. Children are grown and want to get out from under house and fixed major cost. Wanting to see this great country!! I have only flown over the grand canyon I want to experience it. Have been a camper all my life starting with tents, to pop up to my parents ended with a 5th wheel. I have a 2100 sq foot house and live in very little of it now. Currently de-cluttering as I have my own craft store and books. :grin: So I will be checking out everything and have watched way to many hours of youtube videos. Look forward to getting to know everyone.


Welcome to the forums, Jenn!

I have a gut feeling that you’re a good candidate for van life! I’m not living in a van yet but, when I learned about it last July, I decided to take a year to really learn everything I can about it. My start date goal is Sept. 1, 2019. These last nine months have been invaluable to me in terms of learning and doing all the research! Had I jumped in right away, I’d have been discouraged and had unexpected problems. Good for you for taking the time to do the research and learn!

De-cluttering and simplifying are a specialty, and a passion of mine. If you have any questions at all about that, don’t hesitate to ask! I’ve helped heaps of people do it!

The Grand Canyon is on my list, too. Yellowstone is at the top of the list though. I want to spend the first year of my van life taking time for me (haven’t ever had that) and see as much as possible, allowing a big budget for gas.

YouTube videos are great because you find the folks whose personalities resonate with you and those are the folks whose advice will be the most meaningful. I love the fact that van dwellers come from every nation, every age group, and every personality. I’ll glean what I can from all of them. But, when I find those who are like-minded – that’s gold!

What kind of vehicle are you wanting to travel and live in? And what kind of crafts do you like to do? Selling crafts on the road and/or online could be a nice way to bring in some income. As a van dweller it’s always good to have multiple streams of income when possible. If you sew, I may even hire you when that time comes for me!

Glad to have you here, Jenn! I’m excited to hear how you progress!


Greetings & Welcome!

Lot’s of great people here, and there’s no such thing as a stupid question if you need help, so feel free to ask us anything.


"Never enjoy yourself at the expense of others." ~ TiltonHilton

My parents and grandparents did this traveling with trailers for their retirements. Gives you a goal. I think it is awesome way of life. I can always visit like my P’s and Grandparents did my kids. Have been researching and all for about 6 months fist thought about a short bus but I think a van would be better.
I do any needlework but haven’t mastered sewing. Working on that. I make jewelry and have ventured into chain mail recently. Lots of crafty stuff that can be sold. Learned to concentrate on smalls cause people do not want to pay for time put into larger items. I also know herbal and can do small batch things.

So want to see everything I can. Did see the Carlsbad Caverns this past Oct. They were awesome. Well worth it but will work you out if you walk in. Time for self is always a good thing.

Thanks Ryter for the welcome. Looking for van now!!! And getting house ready to sell or rent which would be income cause I own free and clear. Sons would be near by to act as agent and a home warranty would take care of minor/major repairs with not much out of pocket.


Thanks Van Dweller!!

Excited for a new future!!!


Just outside the south entrance to the Grand Canyon is a whole lot of national forest that has a dispersed camping.
One trip we parked the van just up the hill in and walked down to the shuttle bus stop, used the pass to get on the bus & into the park.
I can always see more of that place!

Good luck on whatever it is you decide to do!