Have you used Sketchup?

During the course of my research for my own build, I have binge-watched lots of others on youtube and this kept coming up over and over again.

I have lots of drawings and notes on paper and I have my design down as a given now, but using this free program called “Sketchup” my design literally came to life and its really helped me out in terms of what I can achieve.

It’s very easy to learn it’s a bit fiddly and frustrating at first but once you get the hang of it it’s a really valuable tool that can aid in the design process.

My drawings are not to scale as they only serve as a reference point like a photograph so that I can sit down with a carpenter and show him exactly what I want

I spent all day yesterday designing my galley units as a particular problem was really bugging me

try it for yourself its fun and very practical and intuitive.

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I like to use sliding doors on my cabinets… No catches needed and they stay shut while driving. I even put drawers behind sliding doors these days.


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Ive left the doors off the wardrobe so the inside is visible at the moment im unsure as to what the final design will be regarding drawers etc . . .

I really had fun with that program! SketchUp is awesome.