Has anyone shipped their van over ocean to another place?

Anyone has the experience of going through the works of shipping their entire van and stuff from one place to another over the ocean?

like America to europe or europe to africa, etc etc?
i reckon the amount of paper work would be tremendous right?


Beats me… I just flew or took cruise ships and bought something cheap when I arrived, when finished just sold quick to a dealer and the difference was my rental cost. I actually made money on a couple of them.


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My husband and I are currently building out our van, so we personally have not!

However- Eamon and Bec on Instagram and YouTube just recently shipped their van from Canada to Europe! Go check em out, their YouTube had a fair amount of details and they’re super nice so if you have questions and comment/message them they may respond!

Hope that helps!


thanks for the info and sharing! let me go search for them on IG and youtube later!
lots of loves!

Many… but what you’re looking for/talking about is another “parallel” lifestyle/trend more often known as “overlanding”, which essentially just means driving across borders and different countries.

Our first trip after moving into a van was driving from Vancouver BC down to Panama. Once you’re in Panama the road literally ends and you find yourself quickly researching shipping vehicles. ;).

The easy answer is - it’s very much possible though rarely cheap. Options depend on port/destination but the most common are:

  • to put your van in a container (can usually be shared with another traveler) and kiss it goodbye until you go through the import process on the other side
  • RORO, or Roll on Roll off where you drive the vehicle on/off and can often take the boat yourself. Often like a ferry but far less luxuries/comforts

If you’re intrigued by driving further than North America check out the overland forums like ExpeditionPortal

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