Hardwire Computer?

How can I trick my computer into thinking its hardwired to the internet? My phone has 5G. It’s a 1+8 Pro by tmobile. What gadgets do I need?


Hardwire the router to your leisure battery. It is just like any WiFi Router from 2010 onwards, web browser interface to point and click. Instead of landline it uses internal 4G modem.

First one is “basic” one and second has more advanced features for things you haven’t even thought about yet.

Those are devices you would find in a touring bus providing WiFi to the passengers. Providing network to security cameras in remote locations where is no landline, or an offgrid construction site office. Basically those are for real work and they are not that much more expensive compared to consumer grade MiFi devices that come with internal batteries swollen out of the box :slight_smile: