Happy Holidays Everybody!


Happy Holidays to one and all!

I’ll be spending my time volunteering preparing and delivering meals to the homeless, and then spending some time with old friends, since what little family I have left is far away.

What will you be doing?


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My youngest is driving down from her university and we are going to be staying in Melbourne (Florida) to spend a few days with friends we have had most Christmases with since she was born. I still have a few more years of S&B living before going full time as a minivan dwelling snow bird.

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We will be staying in Denmark for two weeks doing nothing besides walking the dog at the beach and enjoying nature. :wink: No driving around, no work, just relaxing.

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That’s awesome man, don’t meet many people that do that.
Good karma is on it’s way :slight_smile:

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@Van_Dweller That’s awesome! What a great way to spend your Holiday! We are spending the week with family in Tennessee and doing some Van repairs/ updates (because are you ever really done? :see_no_evil:). And then gearing up to go explore the West Coast next year!