H to all, newbie saying hello

Introduce Yourself…

Newbie here from South Africa. Soon, - January to be a EU Resident.
Looking forward to exchange Adventures with you.


Greetings & Welcome!

Looking forward to hearing about your progress. We’re here for any needed help from afar too.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller

Hello welcome !

Are you gonna buy a van when in Europe or allready got something?

Dont know anything about Euro Vans or South African Vans. However , I just gutted my 92 GMC Coachman Class B ! Doing the tear out now and well see how it goes !

welcome to this community! you will enjoy yourself :wink:

Will buy there.
Cant take from here, - too expensive.

Welcome! Are you planning on living in a vehicle or are you simply interested in the concept?

welcome sir, been to your country twice and loved it. just returned from the EU after 6 months, you will love it there!

Buying for sure.
Traveling a lot with it