Guitar amplifier and mixer AC Amperage draw

Hey there!

I’m currently trying to figure out the amperage or (ah) / wattage of my system. I have been adding up all the dc. Now I have a fender guitar amplifier that takes 40 watts and 120 volts to get going. I used the formula 40w/120v=0.33a, which seems like a very low draw for such a big piece of equipment. I also have a music mixer that runs on 16 Watts and it can run from 100volt to 240volts, together they would draw about 1 amp according to my calculations. so then I wonder Is it less or more draw to run a larger inverter rather than a smaller inverter? I’d like to use both at the same time if I could, how can I do it most efficiently?

Your formula is not correct. Sure at 120v it’s .33a but you are really pulling from 12v and also pulling that by the inverter so it’s more like 40w/12v = 3.333 amps plus whatever the inverter itself is pulling and using to run. I’m sure there is a formula for the conversion, but I do not know it.

thank you for getting back to me so quick. okay sounds good, I knew something was off.