Greetings from Los Angeles

I am considering transitioning from my Winnebago Micro Mini travel trailer to a van. I’m just in the beginning stages of my planning so obviously I have come to the right place!

Greetings & Welcome!

A Class C RV might be a better choice and easier transition for you. A van is likely to feel pretty cramped in comparison, but a Class C can give you the advantages of both a van, and your trailer combined. The couple extra feet in width can really make a world of difference on the livability side.

Class C’s can also often be found cheaper than vans too, and much cheaper than a Class B. I’ve had many rigs over the years, and Class C’s are hard to beat.


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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve pretty much thought of the various options. At this point I would like to be more spontaneous in my adventures where as dragging a trailer behind me doesn’t allow that. I’m also tired of the hooking and un-hooking and setting up the weight distribution bars, etc. I’m a 66 year old female and do it all myself with no problems, I am just ready for a change. :grin:


Class C’s are a van front motorhome, not a trailer…



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