Greetings from Indiana

Hi, everyone! My name is Lori and I’m just getting started. Been in the dreaming phase for quite a while. Haven’t quite decided if I want to buy a van or an airstream, but I’m definitely looking forward to making improvements and putting my own touch on something, and then getting out on the road and seeing as much as I can.

Thanks for being so welcoming!


Thank you for joining us. Let us know if you need any help, and be sure to keep us updated on the progress


What part of indiana are you in? I’m in the fortwayne area. I currently travel and stay in my dodge journey with my fiance and dog. We have been in the dream stage for a while too, but plan on getting a high top van soon

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I’m in indianapolis. I’ve requested a handful of books from the library, and some friends have told me of some blogs to check out, but what’s the best process for choosing the type of vehicle?

Thanks! I have no idea how I"m going to make the decision on type of vehicle, but I’m sure i’ll figure it out. Going to read a lot and look at designs.

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We’re working on a blog that will answer this question for you. So stay tuned for that.

That sounds great. I’m considering renting a few types of campers from Outdoorsy to try them out: teardrop, shasta style, etc. But a blog to help us newbies figure out what the heck we are doing sounds wonderful! Thank you!

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I’m thinking of going back to my original idea: getting a cheap van that runs well, and outfitting it as I go. I’ve been looking on Craigslist and there are quite a few options for under 2k. I should say this will not be my home. This will be a recreational vehicle for me. I’d like to get it and pretty much start sleeping in it right away, and work as inspiration comes to me. I was thinking of making a goal of visiting all of Indiana’s state parks in a specified time frame.

I suppose anything is possible, but do you think this sounds doable? Do you see any major flaws with my idea?



I’m a huge fan of cheap vans and cheap conversions. I think I have well under $2k in my current home on wheels, and I’ve been living comfortably in it for years. The amount you spend has nothing to do with either comfort or reliability. There are great deals available if you’re patient, and/or possibly expand your search area. A few hour drive can be well worth it.


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