Greetings from Germany :)

Introduce Yourself…

Good day Dear Community :slight_smile:

My Name is Simon, currently living in Germany. Me and and a friend of mine are in the Planning to travel Europe in a Van to see the World… Since we´re at the start of our Journes we though that a loooot questions would arise on the path.

So we thought it would be great to connect with people who are living similiary! :slight_smile: and here we are!

dear greetings


Greetings & Welcome!

I’m in the USA, but am a long time vandweller with lots of experience.


"Smiles are contagious, pass it on!" ~ Van_Dweller

Hi Simon!
Welcome! I’m now on the road across Europe since April.
I made it from South France via the north coast of Spain down to the west coast of Portugal.
My trip was / is mainly focussed on going surfing, so I followed the waves.
Next step will be Marocco in a couple of weeks.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Best Funkyfat