Gray Water Drainage


How feasible is it to have a gray water system that you can flip a switch and have it drain automatically from under your van when you’re in a place to be able to do it? Naturally, you wouldn’t do it on city streets or in parking lots, but what if you’re in a rural location where it wouldn’t cause problems?

I’m really interested in this concept but it brings to mind the idea that cutting a hole in the floor of the van could be problematic. I’ve watched videos where people will have something vent through the bottom of the van. That makes me wonder about the possibility of mice, snakes or bugs getting into the van that way. With a gray water system drain, it would be closed off until it’s opened. Do folks who vent things under their van (or even on the side, come to think of it) close it off until they need it open?



All vents should be screened…

Most floor vents are closed & sealed while driving I think.

My biggest problem with your idea, is that the gray water might attract bugs or critters, so you might not want that where you’re camped.


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I thought about the screens but bugs still get through screens and I’ve seen rodents chew through them. I realize those are real possibilities in van life anyway but having an extra vent/drain under the van is just providing one more opportunity for them.

I considered what the gray water might attract and didn’t think that water from showering and brushing my teeth would attract anything since it would just be dirt and soap. While camping, dishes would be done in a dish pan and the water dumped further away for that reason. Do you think water from showering and brushing teeth would attract anything?



Actually both water and soap attract a lot of undesirables.


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Mr. E. Ryter, I just saw this post as I was doing research about gray water draining out the floor of the van. I recently watched a video on this by 40 Hours Of Freedom on YouTube. He uses a motorized ball valve with a switch to do exactly what you’re talking about. I’ve tried to attach links but I’m a new member and it won’t let me. Search “VAN LIFE BUILD (Ep. 8): Installing Grey Water Systems & Completing Van Bathroom” on YouTube. They have a link in the description directly to the valve on Amazon.
Hope this helps!