Grants for Vanlifers and other types of conversion


Hey guys!

I’m currently a college student and I’ve been looking into buying a bus to live in when I’m grad school, and I have a few trips planned for before then. I found two buses that I really love and I was just wondering if anyone knows of any grants for sustainable or alternative living, or for van-builds and other types of conversions? I’ve always loved to travel, see new things, and meet new people and this is one of the things that has always drawn me to van life. The other would would be that it would make me more conscious of the resources I’m using and the waste I’m producing in an effort to help save our planet.

Thanks so much and happy wandering!!



What’s with you kids today? Get off your dead butt and go get a job and support yourself. It’s really easy, and that’s how this world works.

Loans & grants aren’t the answer to anything. A job is the ONLY answer that works and leads to a good life of any kind. Then when you’re smart enough, you can start your own business and be set for life.

Spend every spare minute you have learning how to make money. If you would have done lawn care last summer, you could have banked $30k+, if you would have gotten a Christmas Tree gig, you could have been making $30k between now and Christmas, but it’s too late now. You could be making $10k-$30k a month selling ebooks once you learn how. If you’re in snow country, you can make money shoveling snow.

Making money is easy, but nobody in their right mind is just going to hand it to you without you putting in some time and effort. For a job you need to learn marketable skills, and then sell yourself. For self employment, you need marketable products or skills, and the ability to market them.

For over 30 years I was a traveling construction worker, living in camper vans or RV’s and traveling to where the highest paying jobs were. Between jobs, weekends, and my days off, I got to explore the area’s and the country. I live rent free and debt free. I still live in my camper van, and now make $100k a year mostly online. I could have retired many years ago, but I prefer to stay active.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller


I have 2 jobs and most of the money is going toward paying for my school expenses (which takes up 90% of my time), food, and saving up for that bus. I can’t get another job because I have no car to get there and the public transport in my city isn’t reliable enough. I HAVE TO NO WAY TO GET AROUND TO ANY OF THE JOB YOU SUGGESTED. I was asking for grant suggestions because when it comes to working I’m already doing EVERYTHING that is available to me. but thanks.



Okay, GREAT!!! We get so many beggars that think the world owes them everything, it can get frustrating.

So it’s time to explore making money online. No transportation required, and you can start in your spare time. You need either products or a service to sell. For products, I’d stick to digital/downloadable ones so you don’t have to mess with shipping.

Let’s start by me asking where you live, and I’ll see if I can’t come up with some suggestions for you.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller


I’m based in Ohio. I already have a blog and I’m working on monetizing that, its just with school and work I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on growing it.



I would suggest learning how to drive traffic to your site. Monetizing something depends as much on traffic as it does content.

Your content needs a wide appeal to attract a large and wide audience. Then you could do something like creating and selling your own related ebooks on your site. You need products or services of your own, where you keep all the money, instead of getting a piddly percentage. Without your own products, it’s really difficult to make it with any type of social media unless you already have a huge following.

Once you learn how to drive traffic to a site, that is also a valuable service that you can sell to others, and do it from anywhere you have an interrnet connection.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller