GPS devices/etc

i was wondering, after reading majority of the posts here (might have overlooked, let me know).

what or which GPS devices you all use?

i am considering getting a GPS recveiver to hook up to my laptop… or garmin/tomom GPS device.

let me and everyone know your thoughts.

i just literally found this page after i posted the above post.


Helpful tips and tricks are always a good thing. Thanks!


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A garmin GPS. One with lifetime maps & traffic (LTM)

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you use it for point to point trip?

i havent fully researched garmin yet. but is there a way to set a planned trips with several stops along the way?

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We Garmin GPS but now we are think to get an affordable electronic logging device with DOT certification. Do you think elogs are also used for personal vans and trucks? Or should we only use the certified ones for commercial purpose? I am just confused on this.