Got it on the road for its maiden voyage!

A few niggles here and there, but both of us are very happy with our simple build. Luckily there was a torrential downpour shortly after setting up camp, which showed us that the two rear windows leak - should be an easy fix. The futon was comfortable and we slept pretty well, but I think a memory foam mattress pad is in the future. Ran one of the fans half the day and almost all night, interior lights, and charged our devices - the battery never went below “full,” and the solar panel had the charge topped off within an hour of getting full sun the next day. We spent the weekend at Columbine CG near Taos, NM. Not living full-time; we’re weekend warriors for now.

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Sounds like a very successful first trip! :smile:

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Thanks. We’re very happy with it.

Greetings !

Looking good! Wow, that’s some BBQ! Glad you had a good time.

Over the years I’ve had a few rigs which seemed to have persistent window leaks. The solution ended up being a trip to an RV store and purchasing window rain visors. They solved the problem 100% of the time.


"It is always cheaper and easier to conserve power than it is to make it." ~ Road Warrior

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Except for the tent and cots my car camping gear swapped right over. Now the tent and cots are for others who come camping with us.