Good waterproofing and coatings for clothes for camping?

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I have a holiday in a fortnight and would like to go camping. Therefore, I would like to impregnate my clothes and shoes etc. well beforehand. You never know what the weather will bring… Do you have any ideas? I’ll do my own search too.



While I have a complete rain suit & hat from the dollar store, most often I just use a large black garbage bag with a slit to poke my head through, and one for each arm. Quick, simple, easy, cheap, light weight, effective, and small enough to keep in my pack all the time.

If I’m going to be out in the rain all day, then I go the full rain suit path. Waterproofing my clothing is more hassle than I wish to deal with.


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Rain coat and pants on the outside, quick drying synthetic clothing underneath. Trying to waterproof regular pants and shirts is a futile effort. Might as well use proper rain gear when it rains and quick drying clothes that breath underneath. Even if the clothing on your skin gets a little wet it will dry quickly if it’s not cotton. Cotton on the other hand, will stay wet for a long time unless you’re in a very dry hot environment. Wet cotton can become dangerous in cool to cold conditions due to hypothermia.

When selecting rain gear, get stuff that breathes made from Gore-Tex or the many other equivalents out there, or at least with holes or zippers in the arm pits and back. Sometimes, if the weather is warm, you’ll get wetter from sweat than from the rain if you wear rain gear. It’s never perfect - just have to adapt to changing conditions and activity levels.

Unless it’s cold I prefer to wear shorts instead of rain pants, and just a rain jacket on top with the vents open and the front zipper most of the way open. I top it off with a wide brim rain hat instead of using the hood. The hat instead of the hood keeps the air circulating, and helps keep rain out of the open front jacket zipper.

Hello guys,

Thank you for your suggestions. I think I have found a good solution.
I will also buy a rain suit now. To be on the safe side.
Can you recommend a specific brand? What kind of rainwear do you have exactly? I will definitely make sure that it is made of Gore-Tex.
And I think the idea with the rubbish bag is great! If it rains unexpectedly, it saves a lot of space in the backpack. I will definitely bring one :wink:
I have now decided to only impregnate my synthetic sportswear, my tent and my sleeping bag with an antimicrobial coating. So I don’t have to disinfect them all the time.

There are many options now in terms of Gore-Tex and similar breathable membrane fabrics for rain gear. On the inexpensive side if you don’t mind the looks there’s Frog Toggs rain gear, but for something a little more durable I use Marmot and REI brand rain gear. Even though they’re “breathable” it doesn’t mean that you won’t sweat inside on a warm day. Good ventilation options are the key here, and deciding between getting a little wet from a light rain or by sweating inside rain gear. Not always a clear cut thing.