Going to Croatia and Slovenia

Hey Hey,

I leave soon for 2 weeks to Croatia and Slovenia.

any places you recomended?, we love nature. we would live to find some secret beaches/places :heart:️:ok_hand:

we generally always camp wild, any tips for wildcaming in Croatia a’d Slovenia?

thanks for the help guys :heart:

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Hey Dennis, I can help you with that, I’m half Slovenian half Croatian. If you want, I can give you some tips where to go and what to do :slight_smile: just PM me


Hi Dennis and Tilen,

We already did a lot of nature and wildcamping in Czech Republik, Slovakia. Now we are driving to Hungary.

Afterwards we want to finish the roadtrip to kroatia & Slovenia for the last 6 days.
Would it be possible to Send me the information too?
Thank you in advance!

Greetings Lars & Charlotte

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I would recommend camp Špik (Spik), Kranjska gora. You will have lots of things too see there, The nature is incredible. And lots of mountains are seen and reachable from there.


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So if I start with sugesting what to see in Slovenia, I would recommend travelling in the Western part of Slovenia. The nature here is absolutely stunning, mountains, rivers… If you stick to the Soca valley, you won’t be disappointed. I would recommend visiting Lepena, Bovec and all the way to Kobarid, to see the beauty of theese places. If you like hiking, there are a lot of mountains and routs to scout, so dont be afraid to ask the locals. Secondly the most known part of Slovenia is Bled, there is a lake with an island. Im not a fan of turisty parts, but I think that one is worth visiting. Our capital city (Ljubljana) is beautiful too, but you will not need more that half a day to visit the old city centre. If you travel in our south-western part of the country, you get to Brda and Kras, the place where we have our wineyards, little Slovenian Tuscany :slight_smile: I wouldn not recommend staying in the eastern part, presonally I think that part of Slovenia is boring.

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About Croatia, as you know, it is mostly known for their access to the sea. I will tell you this, the souther you go, the clearer the water is. I would recommend visiting islands too. There is usually a ferry that takes you there, I think 2 islands have a bridge to the mainland. An as long as there is time, visit Dubrovnik. Now it is not the main season anymore so there should not be many people. Also visit Plitvicka jezera :slight_smile:

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thanks for the great tips ! we visited Bled but only stayed a couple of hours, beautiful but way to touristy.

go na visit Ljubljana today