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Hey there! We are Jayme and John of Gnomad Home! We’ve been living in our van full time for almost a year and a half now. We travel in a 1996 high top Chevy Express Conversion van that we built with our own two hands! We have three solar panels on the roof and a fourth that we can plug in and move around wherever we wish so we can park in the shade or get a little more power when it’s overcast outside. We have two deep cycle AGM batteries under our bed and a battery isolator as well. Our fridge is an ARB, we have recessed lights on dimmer switches and our stove is a Dometic alcohol stove. We also have running water thanks to our foot pump. We can travel with 20 gallons of water. We do not have a bathroom but this has also never been an issue. For times we are not near a restroom, we travel with a little shovel and travel bidet :yum:. We travel with our dogs - there once was 3 of them but we recently had to put down our oldest (Crowtorious DOG) so now there’s just two humans and two dogs. Our couch pulls out into a queen sized bed so we have plenty of sleeping space. Music is very important to us so we built our van wanting to make sure storage was a main priority. We travel with a guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, djembe, and a cajon that doubles as a spare seat (as well as a bunch of fun shakers, tambourines, etc). We love sharing information with others as to how to make this work for them so feel free to ask us any questions as you travel or build your own home on wheels! Look forward to connecting with you all!


Sounds like such a great set up. Would you be able to shar some pictures?

Yeah totally! Let me mess around and see if I can figure out how first, haha!


This is so dope! Welcome to the van life fourm, looks like you’ve got a sweet setup there!

Super stocked to have you guys here!

For those of you that don’t know Gnomad Home has super helpful guide on how to buuild your van. Which you can check out here.

They have helped bring lots of value to the vanlife community and are a huge inspiration for us here on ProjectVanlife.

Thanks guys :blush:


Thanks so much, brother! More than happy to provide others with as much knowledge as we can carry!

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It looks so roomy and organized!!
Where do you tend to go to fill up your water tanks?

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Right now just places like Walmart that have filtered water stations, but this year we plan to invest in a nice filtration system so we can grab water wherever we may be