Getting a Queasy Feeling . .

Hi guys -

I just noticed these two small panels today. Paint bubbling - the other side doesn’t look like these two. These are on the passenger side just below the doors…

I understand paint bubbles can be a sign of rust. What do you think about these two panels? If rust, how to confirm it - and if positive - next suggested steps?

Thanks all in advance!!!


Unfortunately, yes it looks like rust.

I would start by checking the insides. There’s a good chance you have trapped moisture, and that’s bad news that must be remedied as soon as possible. This happens frequently when people who don’t know what they’re doing install insulation, and unfortunately most of what you find online is newbies without a clue showing others how to do things… WRONG!!!

Along the bottom of all your walls & doors etc. there should be weep holes to drain moisture, you want to make sure these are all clear & functioning properly.


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Are you sure this isn’t just liner. On most of the newer trucks and vans these days the bottom 4 inches or so will be covered in a liner to help prevent chipping from rocks, debris, etc. You should be able to tell the difference and typically this would be on all areas not just a single door.

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That was my first thought also. I’ve seen entire rigs covered in that for the sole purpose of protecting the rig and to mitigate desert pin striping!

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Hi all - I need to go get some pictures and also do a bit of a test on that section of the truck. This is what I did and this is what I found.

I scraped a few bubbles from inside the door to see if it looked like there was rust behind them. No rust evident there. And there is a definite line between the smooth unbubbled part of the paint and the bubbled area.

Then I started checking around the bottom of the van - except for the driver’s side panels - I found this:

Taking votes on what you all might think this is…it looks man-made to me so the liner-theory may be plausible. However, I’ve never seen liner on a truck so have no idea.

Thanks very much in advance!

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I believe you figured it out. Based on its location, that definitely looks like an aftermarket spray on protective coating.


Thanks so much - really, really appreciate your feedback!!! :grinning:

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I never posted my original reaction to your first post but here it is (the forum saved it ?)

It does look like rust, but the odd thing is that rust normally forms in concentrated areas where the paint was compromised or something corrosive like road salt was left to linger on the inside surface.
The fact that it’s only one side gives clues as well. Were the panels shown in the photos repainted or replaced at some point?

But I agree with OregonKat. It’s a protective coating. The rest of the van will probably rust before those areas. I actually like to buy Rubberized undercoating from Walmart or NAPA and coat vulnerable areas under my vehicles when I first get them.

What you’re seeing is a GOOD thing. Not rust :+1:

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Hi DodgeLife -

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I am very relieved…it is odd. Only the driver’s door does not show this pattern - so maybe it was replaced at some point?

Thanks again - (LOVE “GOOD things”… :slightly_smiling_face: