Generators/alternative power source

Hello all,
Just signed up here and looking for some answers and ideas

I recently bought a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 regency conversion van.

Plan on keeping it mostly stock but am curious/ interested in running a generator for overnights to power the lighting and electronics tv/dvd 120v plugs etc that are already installed in the van…

Is there anyway to install a plug for a generator that will power the stock accessories?

Other option I’m entertaining is a new alt and a secondary deep cycle battery… with the smart switch of course…

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I’d start by determining whether it already has/had a second battery, or if everything is designed to run off the engine battery, or when plugged in. Most conversion vans weren’t designed to be plugged in.

Next determine if and where the inverter is, if it has AC plugs inside. Then determine where that inverter is getting it’s power from.

A secondary house battery could be a good idea, but a deep cycle starting battery with a low voltage cut-off could also be sufficient.

If there’s no place on the outside to hook up to power, I’d just run an extension cord through a window to an outlet strip. This type of setup works equally well with either shore power or a generator. Often, simple, reliable, and easily replaceable is a better choice than fancier.

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