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Hi all,
I have basic coverage on my 2002 econoline but looking to upgrade for more protection now that I’m heading west from Philladelphia. Had an attempted brake in and just had a dream that my home/van was stripped. So I’m on the hunt. Any advice? Anyone else have geico? Or is there a better insurance company?


I have had Geico since early last year - but want to rejoin AARP and get their insurance, I think it is called Hartford?

If you want Geico’s roadside insurance you have to pay for either collision or comprehensive insurance, something like that.

Do you have roadside insurance?

I used to get full coverage with Geico but in an effort to cut my expenses I switched to liability insurance because the car I have right now is only worth 2000 dollars… and since I did that, I got AAA roadside insurance to replace the Geico roadside insurance I no longer qualified for.

In any case, I would consider roadside insurance a necessity for any out of town travel. Or even in-town travel.


Get a qoute from Progressive they write full timer policies. Can include insuring your contents personal property as well as liability and collision.

I’m not an insurance agent, I think cost and available policies vary state to state.

Good luck



Don’t trust the insurance companies to make it right, they won’t. After paying high insurance rates to two different companies, I got screwed over twice when I tried to make a claim. Lost big money both times. Once was a break in, once vehicle was stolen.

Now I just have liability, and an emergency fund more than large enough to replace everything. I carry everything of importance on a thumb drive that I always carry with me. I have a hidden kill switch to help prevent future theft, an motion sensor alarm, and a hidden cell phone to give me the GPS coordinates of the van if it does disappear.

The motorhome that got stolen was a really nice looking one, and ALL of the break in problems were when I had a cargo van. Zero problems with any of my many window vans, but I still keep anything of value out of sight as a precaution.


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thanks for your reply…

Did your Insurance estimate your vehicle for that amount or did you?
I have roadside AAA plus or something like that. Was more thinking of my stuff inside. Attempted brake in in Philly has got me planning.


As an artist working with my hands and tools on the road I really would love to have an emergency fund large enough to replace everything but at the moment its not where I am at. I like yr idea of the hidden kill switch. Mine is a window van and when I’m parked I have the shades drawn. Did you install kill switch or had it done? Have a suggestion on what to get?



Thanks @sally_and_mark
I’ll give them a call. Have you had any experience filing a claim with them?



I have an old school van, so if you ground the small wire that runs between the coil and the distributor, it will crank forever but not start.

I don’t block my windows, even at night, giving the appearance you are trying to hide is counter productive. A view in every direction is a safety requirement for me. If trouble’s coming, I can be prepared before it reaches me. I don’t care if somebody wants to watch me sleep or anything else, only my bathroom is private. I do have curtains that I use if I have a girlfriend over and want to play. When I’m by myself, a sleep mask can black out all light, day or night, but is super easy to move and look out the windows without getting up and opening a curtain.

Unfortunately too many people do this without proper preparation. An emergency fund, and even a reliable income are necessities in my book. If what you’re doing doesn’t produce at least double your living expenses, then it’s a hobby, not a job, and should be treated as such. Hobbies CAN be built up into an actual business, but a regular income in the meantime can make the process much easier, and you’ll be much more likely to succeed. Most successful business owners work a regular job too until their business is making enough money to support themselves. Duplicating the paths to success by others can often prove very valuable. Dreams and goals are great, but a good plan will help you get there quicker and easier.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller


Not yet. But thats a pretty good question. Maybe try googling reviews about them