Gearing up to Bus-life through Winter!

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Hey y’all! I am currently building out a 20 foot school bus after 2 years of living in a Dodge van. I am really looking forward to this upgrade, and eager to continue to upgrade my knowledge and understanding of living a nomadic lifestyle on this site.
Looking forward to learning here!

I am going to be taking the bus on the road full-time beginning mid-October and am looking for ski areas in the US to work at with a friendly/accessible camper-van community–
Any suggestions??


For nice dry heat in a bus that doesn’t use any electricity you could try a solid fuel heater (wood type stove). I have a Dickinson Solid Fuel Heater in my van that’s designed for small livaboard sailboats, but you may want something a little bigger for the bus.

I did recently invest in a gravity fed wood pellet log, long term burning (8-12 hours) stove. It’s a new design created by a company called 509 Stoves! I am VERY excited to have dry heat inside. Thanks for the tip:)

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Very cool!..

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I would add a diesel heater as secondary heat source. They don’t take that much space and with some thought (one air duct into your bathroom/closet) you’ll have a drying closet for your outdoor gear.

It can also be used during drive from one place to another.

Two is one, one is none. Especially when you are talking about heat during winter.

Nothing is more reliable than a solid fuel heater. Nothing needed but dry fuel and a match.