Gas safety in self-conversion

Hello all!

I recently installed a sink/hob in my T4. I’ve looked at a lot of gas-safety guides and installation videos (drop-out vents, gas lockers, copper piping etc.) and know that at the very least you should get it checked by a professional, or if you want to rent it out (UK) the installation needs to be done by a professional.

My question is that I see so many camper conversions around (instagram, youtube etc) that have a camping stove or similar and an LPG tank connected to it by soft rubber hose and that’s it. Even with the addition of the drop-out vents and a CO monitor, how is this justified as being safe? There are so many of these around I wonder if there are conversations I’ve just not come across yet.

Many thanks for any thoughts!

What’s wrong with soft rubber hoses? If you see a lot of them, but don’t hear about people exploding all that often, how are you justifying them as being unsafe? These things are hooked up to gas grills for years and then just fired up randomly after sitting out in the elements forever.

I didn’t need an inspector/professional to tell me if the treehouse I built when I was 10 was safe and I don’t think you need one for this either if you take the right precautions and do your research properly.

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Safety is relatively easy to obtain, and maintain, with proper equipment and precautions. Legality can be a whole different story, and can vary depending on your location.


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