Gas Cylinders Europe

Gas Systems. I am planning a trip to europe in January and I was wondering if anyone has tips about Gas Cylinders while abroad.
I have heard it is expensive to just buy bottles and lots of problems with deposits and addresses within the country of purchase.
A Gaslow system looks like it is out of my budget to fit a refillable system.

Anyone got experience with this?

I am based in the UK and I have a Ford Transit Conversion


What are you planning to use such a system for, driving, cooking, heat?

For driving, it get’s horrible MPG, and the cost of LPG would have to be dirt cheap to justify it.

For cooking/heating/hot water, or anything other than driving, there are cheaper, better, and safer methods. Diesel, kerosene, and alcohol come to mind for starters.


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You are definitely not the first one to think about that. Site above has some ideas and solutions.

As an update to this:
I use gas to cook as I have a built in 2 burner stove.
I also use it to power my 3 way fridge for some periods if I need it (I tend to not use it too much tbh)

After going to a local firm I have purchased Campingaz butane which is apparently easy to exchange/refill in most of Europe.
This required me to fit a new regulator as the current system is set up for Propane (not butane) but this was fairly easy for my system.

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thanks for the update. great to see your alternative suggestions for gas to cook.
is there a difference in the food tastes using butane? :slight_smile: