Gas Cylinders Europe

Gas Systems. I am planning a trip to europe in January and I was wondering if anyone has tips about Gas Cylinders while abroad.
I have heard it is expensive to just buy bottles and lots of problems with deposits and addresses within the country of purchase.
A Gaslow system looks like it is out of my budget to fit a refillable system.

Anyone got experience with this?

I am based in the UK and I have a Ford Transit Conversion


What are you planning to use such a system for, driving, cooking, heat?

For driving, it get’s horrible MPG, and the cost of LPG would have to be dirt cheap to justify it.

For cooking/heating/hot water, or anything other than driving, there are cheaper, better, and safer methods. Diesel, kerosene, and alcohol come to mind for starters.


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You are definitely not the first one to think about that. Site above has some ideas and solutions.

As an update to this:
I use gas to cook as I have a built in 2 burner stove.
I also use it to power my 3 way fridge for some periods if I need it (I tend to not use it too much tbh)

After going to a local firm I have purchased Campingaz butane which is apparently easy to exchange/refill in most of Europe.
This required me to fit a new regulator as the current system is set up for Propane (not butane) but this was fairly easy for my system.

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thanks for the update. great to see your alternative suggestions for gas to cook.
is there a difference in the food tastes using butane? :slight_smile:

Hi everyone

Im researching and I came across this for the van would this be ok Im not sure how much power I need (newbie to all this) but I would like to cook on gas would this be something that I coulod use with a gas bottle


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of built ins, or things that are too bulky. For this reason, I choose to use multiple single burner stoves, which can be used either inside or outside without duplication. I have a collapsible oven that folds flat when not in use, that can be used either on top of one of my burners, or even with any variety of other types of burners to and including trangia alcohol stoves or even the pop can backpacking stoves. In all, this gives me up to 4 usable burners, plus a usable oven, all at the same time. I don’t normally need that much, but it’s sure nice to have the option when you need it.

The other plus side to this is that if something breaks or malfunctions, everything else is still usable, and instead of a bigger all-in-one unit needing to be repaired or replaced, each individual unit is cheap and easy to replace.

Some people prefer fancy, and while there is nothing wrong with that, I tend to go the opposite direction with cheap, reliable, easy to use, easy to replace, and trouble free.


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ha “food” for thought