Future Van lifer!

Introduce Yourself…

Hello everyone,

my name is Gingorn (RL: Jacob)

I have only discovered the van life may be less than 10 months ago when I met one of my friend in Washington state on vacation. since then I became interested in van life.

I surely will have questions regarding builds, designs, electric/solar system.

looking forward to reading the forums.

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Greetings & Welcome!

Ask away, we’re here for you!


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Hey I’m a future dweller my self. What kind of rig are you looking to do. I’ve done research a lot so hopefully I can give you some ideas.

I am looking at Promaster or sprinter (not sure on what year, but leaning toward promaster)

more of a weekender or vacation trip at the moment but leaning to full-time van life.

future wishes

  • fixed raised bed (a ton of storage under the bed)
    plenty of room for camping supplies

-a lot of storage space (OF COURSE!)

  • indoor fixed stove or camper stove (this is the one I am stuck on the fence)
  • will have a fixed sink but with 5gal grey tank and 5 gal freshwater

might will go to a community forklift (in Washington, DC) to get cabinets/countertops or one of those 2nd hand building supplies store.

surely as i research/ask questions, the list might change over time. :smiley:

also forgot to mention, myself a Deaf Person. :smiley:

i do know few Deaf people that does vanlife

for example: A Deaf Female Solo Traveler, Torey, Living The Sprinter Van Life! | A Deaf female solo traveler, Torey MacPherson, living the van life here with her two dogs. Let's check out her awesome sprinter conversion van! Follow... | By Seek the World | Facebook @tmacflurry


I use a campstove and dishpans for my sinks with spray bottles for the water, so I can also use them outside without the need to carry duplicates.


"Be a credit to the human race, and make the world a better place." ~ Off Grid

yes, i am leaning more toward camper stoves at this point. same idea as you, can use them inside or outside.

i am considering nixing the idea of having a fixed sink inside but some kind of portable table that i can use inside/outside. maybe a swing table? that’s connected to fresh and grey water tank somewhere.


Lot’s of camping tables available, the aluminum top ones work the best to put a stove on.

I have 7 gallon gray water tank, that I dump water from my dishpan into using a funnel, and a hand pump to pump my shower water into it. In cities I’ll usually dump it down a drain at a DIY carwash. When boondocking I use it to put out my campfire, or dump it away from my campsite.

While maybe not as convenient as plumbing, I have no plumbing to freeze or leak. I also don’t need to find dump stations.


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