Future bound in a van


My aim is to “document” my return to the road on here occasionally - and hope it will interest other vanlifers in doing so. Each time I come on to this site, there is a little bubble of excitement that builds deep down in the belly, with the anticipation of reading what other vanlifers are up to and what they are planning. Having contemplated moving back towards this lifestyle again - the freedom of the road - it is taking time, and some effort, to disentangle myself from the daily grind of “normal” living. It is a completely different scenario at this time of life (60), to when I fell into a life on the road 40 years ago, and then eventually hopped back out to suburban living, family and a career. Im finding now that there are different considerations than when doing this in my youth (for example ensuring the health bases are covered) while there are those nagging doubts, due to the fact, I am reasonably comfortable with where I am in my life. Do I really want to be leading a nomadic life again? Ahhh well only time will tell - and if I enjoy it as much as I have the rest of my life - then it will not be a minute too soon!


Definitely looking forward to seeing what you share on here. Just like you said:

Thank you so much for joining us :slight_smile:


Hello! My husband and I are planning a camper van vacation next year- getting great ideas from all the input!



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