Fuse sizing and location

Finally just finished the install and wiring of a 400w solar system. The only part I’m not 100% clear on is the fuse selection and placement…
Setup: 4 - 100W panels on the roof,
feeding a 50A DC-DC MPPT charge controller,
feeding a 200Ah LiPo,
and a 2000 watt pure-sine wave inverter

So far I only have the inline MC4 fuse between the solar panels and charge controller. What other fuses do I need (sizes) and where do they go (location)? And where should I place (if any) disconnect switches. (I understand that electrical is diagrammatical but just need to know where what fuse go in the system.)
Thanks everyone!

July 19th is our push off date for a 1-2 month PNW tour!!

Hi this is Kaden at Continuous Resources. I’d need some more information about your components to recommend what size of fuse/breaker would be appropriate. But, remember this - fuses/breakers’ primary purpose is to protect the wire.

Generally in our installations, we break the wire before and after the MPPT and install both a transfer switch (if needed) and a battery shut off switch.

Kaden at CR