Fuel Zero Batteries?

Has anyone ever used these? Have experience with them? Their price point is stunning.


P.S. I’m not a shill for Fuel Zero - just trying to create a reasonably priced solar system. Thanks!

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I’m not convinced there is any such thing as a reasonably priced solar system when you consider the never ending ongoing costs.

I’m not familiar with that brand of battery, but typically AGM’s have a shorter life span than the cheaper lead acid batteries that you can top off as needed.

I’ve been buying nearly new deep cycle batteries at wrecking yards for dirt cheap. Usually under $20, even for 1 month old $350 batteries.


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Okay. Thanks. I guess I’m a little anxious about having to consider off venting hydrogen in the vehicle.

Maybe you can try to replace the AGM battery with LIFEPO4 battery, the price will be much more expensive, but no cost of maintenance and replacement, I found that more and more solar system companies are now buying lifepo4 12V 100Ah battery or other specifications.

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To date, I haven’t found a single person who has had LIFEPO4 batteries last nearly as long as my $20 junkyard deep cycle batteries. The one I just replaced last summer lasted a little over 7 years.

Too many sales people pushing expensive choices in the vandweller world, all for the sake of a large payday. All the lithium batteries in handicap scooters, including LIFEPO4, typically have a lifespan of about 1/3 that of lead acid deep cycle batteries used in the same application but cost 10x the price. The only advantage is they give a longer range.

The local scooter store tech recommends against any variety of lithium batteries.


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Yes, thats true, LiFepo4 batteries are much more expensive $$$, i think depending on what you are using, it has a longer range, and many solar systems use lifepo4 as the energy storage battery.


By adding an additional <$20 lead acid deep cycle battery, I could meet the range of the LifePo4 and save $960+, and get a better life span too, and without all the risks associated with them.

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Hi…gadgets ought to be run off my cranker, not the deep cycles for my TM. I should seriously mull over a half and half cranker or a different battery by and large for gadgets. Be that as it may, not the deep cycles for the TM, which is the thing that most likely expected I was getting some information about.