Fuel my biggest expense

Now that I am retired and have the free time to go anywhere I want whenever I want. I finally realized the only big expense is buying fuel to the point that sometimes I might limit where I go, just based upon how much it will cost me for fuel. Other things that cost money are small compared to fuel prices just something to get used to as part of vanlife.
The van is paid for I have all my toys I don’t eat that much maintenance is less than people think. I currently have 100,000 miles on my van it’s a 4 x 4 diesel works perfectly. It’s about 15 to 16 miles per gallon.
The only way to lower fuel cost is to travel less or not go as far or stay in a place longer. I haven’t accepted this yet.


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Very common problem… Most people seem to travel slower and stay longer to combat it.

My solution is that I make enough money to not worry about it. Start a money making hobby to pay your way and allow you to put money away each month.


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Hi Jon

Yes, as Van_Dweller said, most people decide to travel slower spending more time in each locations reducing the kms drove per month.

Another option some people do when they do need to return back home often is to actually leave the van in the destination, return home by cheap flights and then back to the van.
What I’m trying to to say is instead of driving 1000km, drive back those 1000km, some people just do the 1000kms, leave the van there, and use cheap plain to return as it may be way cheaper then the fuel

Hello, I hear what you are saying and in a similar boat, err van, lol. I don’t have a 4x4 but only get about 10mi/gal, ugh. I use a spreadsheet to track my expenses and find out each month how I can budget more money for gas and fun experiences, and break up amounts for each week so I don’t overspend. There are a couple apps I use to pile up my savings like Upside, GasBuddy, iOverlander, Harvest Host, Boondockers, Fuel Rewards (Shell). There are lots of discounts for disabled/veteran/retired for state/federal parks and campsites. When funds are low, I will always do stealth parking, usually by beaches in SoCal because I don’t have to travel very far for shopping, bathing, and experiencing (but I have to really research which cities prohibit nomad living). Hope this helps. Best of luck on your van adventures!

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In my case, I have decided to drive up to speed with the best mileage. This has lowered my cost of fuel considerably. I stay in the right lane an average about 58 miles an hour and can add 20 to 25% better fuel mileage. And I agree as others say too. I stay longer at each site. Fuel is my biggest expense. After three years of crossing the country, I now have destination, travel, and then plan to stay a while. Either that or stay in a region, it’s only short distances to change my scene.

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Having been a farmer in Eastern Colorado and fuel also being a large expense, we were able to find what RPM the tractors made the best fuel economy, and would select speed and gear to match. You obviously must have found that 58 mph is the match. Could you elude to the vehicle and engine in your overland vehicle and what that 20 to 25% provided as far as average mileage? Thanks and happy travels.