Front or Back wheels?

Hello Hello Hello! I am starting to research to get a van! I noticed some of them mentioned that they are either front or back wheels. What is different between them?

P.S. Here is my idea of having a particulars travel plan::

  1. off the road sometime
  2. drive through the mountains
  3. Safe to move the van to a different place on an icy road…


If i was going off road I’d get a 4 wheel drive van

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on icy road you can’t beat 4x4, it’s just a whole other experience. in cards front wheel drive moves much better on slippery roads since the engine is what weighs the most and thus there is the traction. but in vans, i’m not totally sure how the weight distributes, i would guess the build could outweigh the engine so maybe back wheel drive is better. but in any case the choice is more 4x4 vs 2wheel, since back and front drive is nearly the same in the case of vans, i imagine.

remember that with 2 wheel drive thanks to the differential it’s really more like 1 wheel drive. it’s why on icy roads you see one wheel spinning, not two. modern cars account for that with breaks, but on vans i imagine there is no such system. so if you really want to go into icy mountains i highly suggest 4x4 (which most likely has two wheels spinning at a time).

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