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grand rising beauty beings. i’m NBL (nomad bag lady) a gender expansive being with no pronouns. i became unhoused and have been traveling living out of bags,( hence the name nomadbaglady, inspired by Erykah Badu’s song Bag Lady) to keep a roof over my head as much as possible and i became interested in vehicle and tent dwelling so i have been striving to thrive in this lifestyle by living intentionally and following my heart and spirits callings. living out of bags used to be a pain but now i love thrifting cool bags to keep my stuff organized so i can grab what i need and go.

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Bicycle camping should be considered too. This can help solve many problems, in one of the cheapest ways possible. A bicycle can provide viable transportation, and a bicycle pulled camping trailer can give you shelter and a lockable space for your belongings.

A covered wagon style can be built dirt cheap and quickly, then upgraded to hard sided as time & money allows. It’s totally possible to have all the amenities of an RV in a bicycle pulled camper for dirt cheap.


"If knowledge is a power, then learning is a superpower." ~ Jim Kwik

oooooo thanks a million for sharing this i am intrigued.

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