Fridge does run on 12v

We are having trouble with the fridge in our van. It is a Dometic CRX50 2 way, 120v/12v. It works good on 120v but not on 12v Quits working a few minutes after I unplug the shore power. Fuse is ok, manual says it will cut out at 10.4v but its well above that when in cuts out. Any ideas?


Check for a fuse in the 12v line. It might be right in the ciggy plug itself.

How old is it? It’s pretty typical for them to fail shortly after the warranty expires, if they even last that long. The warranty’s are pretty much useless, because a replacement of anything will cost as much as a new one. They’ve all been cheap chinese junk for many years now.

My bad but honest reviews of several brands of 12v compressor fridge/freezers were all quickly deleted from their respective websites. I lost a lot of money, and a lot of food on them. All those glowing reviews are shortly after the new item is received, and the bad reviews after a year or so are quickly deleted. I once had a job offer of deleting bad reviews, that I turned down.

Most people still come to the conclusion that a good old fashioned ice chest is the most reliable & cheapest solution. The old school 3-way fridge/freezers and fuel only propane/kerosene fridge/freezers are in high demand because they require no electricity when in fuel mode. The newer ones require power even when in fuel mode.

Newer technology electricity free, and 3-way fridge/freezers are on the horizon. An old fashioned ice chest will save your food if you can’t get get your current one working, and might be your best choice until these new ones hit the market. Rumor has it that this new type will be priced similar to the thermoelectric coolers but be much more efficient in every mode. Eco friendly too from what I understand.

Great things are coming if greed doesn’t stifle them…


"Fuel powered everything for the win, preferably hydrogen." ~ JustTheFacts

thanks for all the info. yes, I think its a second fuse. The 15a fuse on the main box is fine, just have to find the 2nd one on the 12 v line

I don’t know about your fridge but on our dometic cfx75 you are supposed to power down the fridge and then change the cord and then power up when switching voltages. That is according to the manual you are not to have both plugged in at the same, but maybe it is different for yours. Also ours has a voltage cutoff on it in the menu settings. You should make sure this is on low if you fridge supports this setting.

If it is cutting out and you are still able to turn it back on with 12v, then it is likely not a fuse. The fuse would have blown out when it shut off if that was the problem and it wouldn’t work at all without a new fuse unless there is a circuit breaker or a continuity breaker on it as opposed to a fuse.