Freightliner Haulmark RV For Sale

For anyone who wants a big size upgrade from their van, I’m helping my deceased friend Charlie’s daughter sell his 40 ft+ RV. It’s built on a semi truck chassis and has a 450 hp Mercedes diesel engine and automatic transmission. 2007 model with 120K miles, all electric appliances, slide-outs and the whole works. Also has a garage in the rear with a hydraulic lift. He used it to haul 3 motorcycles inside, but a couple ATVs would also fit. These go used for more than $100K and I’m selling it for $85K or best offer. He paid $225K for it in 2007.

Needs a little cosmetic work, hence the low price; Charlie had a stroke a few years before passing and still drove it, and put some scrapes and scratches in it - pretty much all cosmetic. Mechanically it’s perfect. Too big for my taste, but perfect for someone who wants to camp and travel without really camping.

I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.



Sounds like a great deal for someone, while also highlighting the negative effects of depreciation, which is something that too many people ignore until it comes back to bite them.


"Always avoid expensive solutions to cheap problems." ~ OffGrid

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Some photos. It has a very long wheelbase, so not a grocery-getter! I drove it across town yesterday and it took some getting used to. The 40 foot passenger bus I used to drive was easier in town, but this thing is great on the highway.

image2 7 image6 2

Wow, that thing is gorgeous! I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s passing, and while it’s out of my price range, that is definitely one heck of a deal. I hope the Daughter finds someone to take it.

Well wishes to the family.

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Thanks. Yes, it’s a good deal. It should go fast.

Sale may be pending, but still up for grabs.

Sold! (Whoever sets the forum up so I can’t simply write “Sold” … Frustrating when I want to write something simple and succinct without all the baggage.)