France: Emissions Certificate!


Hi everyone!

About to head off on a road trip around France & Spain. We have applied and paid for our emissions cert, however we know it’s probably not going to arrive in time for our departure.

Will an email showing proof of purchase/registration be ok?
Or are we likely to get mega fined?

Any answers welcome

Lucy :slight_smile:


Honestly have no clue. you should just call them up and ask. I’m sure this varies for each country.

But I don’t think they would give you a fine.
Let us know what ends up happening.


Yeh, wish it was simple to phone them, however they only show email contact, which is apparentlly not the reliable for responses.
Shall post an update of what the outcome was though, for future reference for anyone else wondering.


My boyfriend and I had the same problem in August and he found out that it was ok to just put the registration proof under the windshield. We‘ve been to France for about 3 weeks (also in big cities like Paris/Bordeaux) and did not recieve any complaint yet.
I hope you also won‘t get in trouble:)