FOUND our first home on wheels! It's exciting!


Just wanted to update everyone! We purchased a van!! We saw it on ebay, then Justin “accidentally on purpose” placed a bid a few minutes before it was about to end but was out bid. Then the next day we received an e-mail for a second chance to the last 3 bidders (So glad Justin accidentally placed that bid!!)! We went back and forth since we only has 24 hours to respond and the other 2 bidders could claim it and there wasn’t enough time for a traveling mechanic because it was 4 hours away. Lots of risks but we went for it! We drove down Saturday to take look at it for the first time in person and bring it home. So far we are really happy with it! and it made the 4 hour trip back with no problem.

Some details: 2004 Ford E350 Quigley Conversion 4 Wheel Drive and a Lift.
I will post more pictures and info. on a new topic for the Build! :smiley:

Seeing it for the first time!!

A couple of pictures from the Ebay posting:

Looking for our first home on wheels! It's tough!

Happy for you guys!!!

Did you notice any problems with it? and how many miles does it have on it?


Looks so awesome! Stoked for you guys!


So far we have only found two problems, after turning it over there is a little bit of rattle and it is different every time. We are thinking it is the starter or that there might be a crack in the flywheel. We are going to start there and hopefully it is not a bigger issue. The other problem we just found after it down poured is that there are 3 leaks which shouldn’t be a big deal patching up. Besides that noise it runs great and smooth!

There are 128,000 miles on it.

Thank you so much!! We are super excited to start planning and converting!


Rattling sound could also be caused because of a cracked flexplate. So be sure to check that out as well.


We will check that out as well!! Thank you!


Did you guys out the problem yet?


Not yet, it has been a busy work week for us! We will let you know when we do though!


Over the weekend we replaced the starter and it fixed the noise! Now we have to work on sealing to stop water from leaking in when it rains…