Forming Travel Partners Caravan

Hi everyone :slight_smile: so with things going they way they are I’m thinking maybe it’s time to team up with a few fellow nomads for at least part of the year. I’ve caravanned with others a few times but only for a few weeks here and there and it was great. I’m wondering if it’s realistic to form a fluid group (members coming and going with no obligation) for the purposes of added safety, convenience, and reduced costs. Some people travel constantly, I tend to stay and explore in one area for a month to as much as four months (especially with fuel being so expensive now). I know of great free places to boondock for winter and summer in Nevada, California, and Arizona (I’m currently in the Sierra Nevadas above Lake Tahoe and it’s amazing). The idea is that we would travel together so no one is stranded or alone if they have a mechanical breakdown or medical emergency, and while camped in a particular place we might do a group potluck type meal once a week and take turns carpooling into town for supplies or fun excusrsions when needed (to save gas expense), but certainly not be “attached at the hip” or too overly involved in each other’s lives LOL. I don’t know about others, but while some socializing is nice (I tell fantastic campfire stories!), I also enjoy my hermit time (it’s when I am most productive with my writing). As I’m retired, I’m pretty flexible with schedules or where people might want to go, as long as I can pursue my main hobbies (rock hounding, photography, exploring cool places like ghost towns or natural hot springs, some festivals, cooking, and of course writing). Hoping to find similar people, meaning easy-going live and let live personalities (but please no hard drugs, I’m into wine and CBD and have many friends into 420). If you think you might be interested in forming a small caravan like this or have similar ideas, let me know :slight_smile: thanks!


i’m somewhat interested. I am a retired guy somewhat orthopedically limited, due to years of motorcycle injuries, but I’m traveling around living in my nomad transit. I’ve currently been touring Oregon and Washington national parks and then soon headed south of Tahoe to camp with family in the mono lake area.I’m easy-going and somewhat mechanically talented so traveling in a group, loosely, Could be beneficial for all. I’ll keep an eye on this post him to see what develops. Thank you for the suggestion

Thanks for the reply, sounds good, we’ll see how many folks happen to be in this region and want to try caravanning for a bit. I imagine there’ll be more interest come Autumn when more of us retirees return to the southwest. Enjoy your weekend!

Greetings, I am new to this site and just getting started again in this fasinating life style. My name is Dave and traveling with my cousin John. We are both retired now and starting a new adventure. I would like also to meet and do some traveling with others like you. We did this before when we were 18 and traveled for over 1 1/2 yrs. It has been a while for us. The world has changed but so many places we have never been to. We have bought a class A camper and loading it up now. we will hit the road in about a month. I would love to hear about some of your stops and trips. We do not have a destination yet but for us that is okay.It is out there…Safe travele and Hope to here from you.

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EGOS… I couldn’t have written this any different to exactly what I have been trying to find.
My name is Brian and from Canada currently on the East Coast for the summer but the plan was to head to SW USA for 6 months and work my way back up to PNW for spring ‘23. I agree and resonate with your proposal if plans and locations align count me in. Ultimately but not in stone I was to leave end of September/October to cross country southbound. Keep us posted how this may be able to come together. Cheers.

Hi Brian, how are you enjoying the east coast? I spent my first summer on the road out there (mostly Upstate NY, northern NH, and Maine) and liked it but it was expensive lol. You’ll find it’s much less costly (except gas prices) and much easier to tour and camp free (boondocking) out west here. My trips to Alberta and BC are some of the most enjoyable of my nearly 5 year nomad experience so far, the people are so friendly up there! Having worked much of my career in the Pacific Northwest, I know many great summer spots up there and am open to returning there next summer. I was actually headed to Montana this summer but wound up happily exploring the mountains of northern California instead, so far anyway. OK well let me know when you head this way, at this point I plan on slowly making my way back down to the desert in late September or early October, but I’m flexible.

Hi Dave, congratulations on you and your cousin’s leap back into nomad life! How long is your class A coach? While there are certainly many great places I’m familiar with where you could bring a motorhome in the winter (such as Lake Havasu, Quartzite, Yuma, Pahrump, Laughlin, Vegas, Slab City, etc.) almost all of the places I find myself at (especially in summer) are best suited for vans, short schoolies, pickup trucks with truck campers, SUVs, etc. and I’m afraid a larger motorhome wouldn’t be able to navigate there. Still, at some point I’m sure we might all find ourselves in an area this winter that is suitable for all our rigs and we can meet up then, even if it’s only for a week or so, let’s keep in touch.

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Hello, I’m actually up on the East Coast of Canada - Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI - mainly the Canadian Maritimes. Its awesome - I’ve just started my Nomadic journey this year and have seen most of these places before but having the time as I’m now early retired in a Van makes travel amazing and easy to slow things down. I hear you on fuel - translating L to US Gal and currency a gallon here is app. $6.70USD. Awesome lets DM some details - basically my plan as of today - finish the summer out here and then start heading through the Appalachian’s towards Texas late Sept also…also flexible… Keep in touch.