Ford Falcon 4 van life. yes or no?

So far this seems like the ideal van life car to start with; Roomy, Affordable, and lots of room.
Would like to hear your opinion or alternatives

I really wanted one of these when I was first starting out. I looked at a few, though some where chevy horizons. Similar with the sleep area up over top of the cab. I imagine there were more makers of this style back in the day.

They’re going to suffer from the same issues that older vans suffer from and you can possibly find one with or without EFI. I did not have luck finding once that was desirable enough to buy. They were either complete junk or overpriced for the work needed to make them reliable.

You’ll definitely want maintenance records as it would certainly be an older rig. Also make sure to inquire about the propane tank. At that age it might need replaced.