Flooring for van build


Hi my name is Reid. My IG is @erratic_venture. Give me a follow and some advice on my build. I am laying the flooring right now and was wondering what everyone uses as the floor and what you use to keep it in?



My choice doesn’t seem to be the most popular choice, but I prefer the stock carpet of a passenger van, with a washable, rubber backed carpet runner over the top. The runner will catch and hold anny spills until you can deal with it, and it’s easy enough to vacuum. My 1 gallon wet/dry 12v shop vac can suck it dry of any liquids almost instantly, and it can easily be thoroughly washed at any DIY car wash.

The main reason I prefer carpet, is it’s the best choice to not be freeziing cold in the winter, or blazing hot in the summer. I also enjoy the added cushioning.



I got a great tip from a fellow van dweller–I use foam flooring I bought from Walmart. It’s super simple to install, all I needed was a box cutter to fit the corners into place. It also provides decent insulation and although only about an 1.5" thick, I prefer this flooring because it doesn’t take away too much height from floor to ceiling (I’m 5’10" so I need every cm of headspace I can get!). It’s quite durable too! I often transport my mtn bike in my van and the inevitable mud is easily cleaned. I ended up using it in both the van and the bus. $15 a pop at your local wallyworld…possible to find it online too I bet. Happy flooring!


That’s pretty interesting. Is the foam durable?


Hi! This may be a late reply but we used laminate floors! They were put in within 15 minutes. Simple tongue and groove that just click together. We just had to cut a few inches of a few of them to allow them to custom fit. Both simple and modern looking! Good luck :slight_smile:




I like the looks of those foam mats. How are they in hot/cold weather?


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