Flooring around stairs


Hi all. We’re currently building out our vw multivan from '98. We’ve done the floor in wood, but have cut it off around the little step in the side door, as the original floor seemed to tilt/stoop down a bit, towards the plastic bit at the top of the step. Do you guys have any recommendations as to what to fill the gap with, or have any you you done it and could show some pics? Cheers


A photo might help. Can’t recommend something without seeing it


Photo would be helpful :slight_smile:


Yeah, of course. Just picked it up at the mechanics today (ouch wallet), but here are some pics :slight_smile:




You should also consider documenting your build with the community. You can do so by creating a new topic. Im sure it will help out many people!!



I would bring the wood all the way to the edge, then cover the edge with some of that flexible rubber molding to protect it.



Looks like your pretty handy in the woodworking department, what about making a threshold moulding? Trace your pattern and using a router cut the pattern into a board, “oak would be strong and it works well.” Have an 1/8" lip that lays on to the floor by at least a 1/4" then round the outside edge over and stain it to match. It will last for years and look nice for your finish. Please send a photo of the completed project. Thanks for sharing your build! Happy travels.


Hi guys. Thanks for the help. This was the very first of our frustrations during the conversion and also the very last problem to be solved haha. But we had some rope bought from the local fishermens and really liked it so we decided to do the all the lists/foot boards around the car with rope and then suddenly the solution occurred to us. I’ll attach some pictures of when we first did it. Sure - it’s not very practical and gathers a lot of dirt and all, but we love it despite that and are really content with it :blush:



I had the same situation and I decided to just don’t cut that step out and thats just so much nicer! You can use the step to store shoes and it looks much more clean. And it is nicer to sit, when the door is opened.


Yep, I went to the door also because of Murphy’s law, everything you drop goes into the step well.
Go figure!


Hi not a VE guy but …does that step well come out? If so what about running finish floor to edge then re installing step well . You would need to build up under well to match rise from new floor. Use cedar or treated for longevity