Floor Matting Renovation?

I pulled up the rubber mats and matting to find that the matting was collecting moisture and there was some rust.

Since this picture was taken I have scrapped off all of the rust and patched some small holes.

Anyone have ideas about putting matting back? I’ve thought about using a rubberized coating instead of the traditional soundproofing/carpeting. The original rubber mat isn’t in great shape.

Let me know if you have any experience with this kind of thing.



I don’t have any personal experience in this but I’ll do some searching. I recently watched this video, which your post reminded of. It’s working that same area but is more about a "cheap and effect heat barrier. " If you can get past their schtick, it might help. Do you need to replace the floor pan or are you ready to go to replace the flooring? In the meantime, I’ll do some more looking around.

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I reread your post and see that my first video isn’t quite what you were looking for. My apologies. Wow. It looks like a chore but, with some patience, it can turn out nicely. Here are two more videos I found that might help. If nothing else, they might lead you to other resources. Best wishes!

This one, after he installs the heat shield, is more detailed about replacing the floor matting.

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You’ll want it to able to “breathe” all the way to the metal. Otherwise you’ll get and trap moisture buildup from condensation.


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