Flex Fuel Vehicle VS Gasoline


I am using CarGurus website for seraching the cargo van. I try to find the Ford Transit Cargo and when I read the filter for “distance from me, trim, exterior color, transmission, body style, etc”

I saw the topic, “Fuel type”
and two different boxes:
1-Flex Fuel Vehicle

What are these different?

I’m not a mechanic and can’t give you an authoritative answer. Perhaps a beginning is at

Flex Fuel: Benefits and Disadvantages

which lists benefits and problems.

BTW, I have never seen a flex-fuel pump. Fortunately such vehicles can also burn gasoline, if I understand correctly. (I’m writing from a point in the USA. Perhaps this is different elsewhere.)

I confess, in my ignorance, I would be inclined to assume that any added feature like this might result in increased future maintenance, because the vehicle might need an extra sensor or other components. Also that those components might not be quickly available in some locations.

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I recently bought a ford transit flex fuel 148 high that takes flex fuel. It can use normal gasoline, but is also compatible with e85 ethanol gas mixture. I’m not sure I’d ever use e85 but honeslty it’s a nice knowing I have the option if I ever needed to for some reason. With normal gas, I’m getting about 19mpg with mostly highway driving 65-75mph, but I dont have much built in my van yet, so it’'ll prob drop with added weight or if I get bigger tires.

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