Fitting Windows

Im looking for someone with knowledge regarding to fitting windows. I live in Sweden and the price on new windows here are insane, so i have been looking in to buying used windows from crashed RV’s and such.
My question is, will any sort of window (with a full frame in and outside) fit without any problems? I know there is a small curve on the backdoor but will that be a problem?
Van im having is a Citroen Replay / Jumper. If not, does anyone have a good tip on other windows for it?
Shipping from UK is 150£ havent found any from Germany, but i guess thats because Im not so good at looking i guess.

much regards Ico

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Many gaskets will make allowances for gentle curves. If not it is fairly easy to create your own using butyl rubber or plumbers putty.


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Most should be pretty straight forward for a diyer. The easiest are the type where an inner frame and outer frame sandwich around the sheet metal. And like van dweller said, if you can’t find a premade gasket that works, butyl tape is cheap and easy to work with. Some people call it window weld or dumdum.

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