First time to Canada! Tips? Suggestions?

Hey there guys! We were going to head west and then saw all of the temps between the Midwest and the coast (where we’re at, we had a heat index of 118° with like 80% humidity - yuckkk!). So we decided to look into other options and are considering changing our plans and hitting up Canada instead, gradually heading west (need to be in Spokane for Labor Day).

We haven’t done Canada yet so we would highly appreciate any tips, tricks, or suggestions you have for us! What should we know about the border crossing? Anything we can’t bring? Anything we should totally bring? What do y’all do as far as phone and data plans? We’ll take all the knowledge you got! Thanks fam!

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Freedom mobile, and chatr have cheap mobile plans

Ooooh my fave place! (I live in Canada! :grin:)

Where are you crossing over? I can give you lots of info on the areas from Calgary west to the coast. I don’t have much knowledge of eastwards (mostly just flat prairie haha). Or you can PM me and I can answer any questions!

Can’t bring fruit or vegetables or any illegal stuff (guns or body armour sort of thing). They will ask for a general itinerary or where you’re going, but otherwise I can’t think of any major tips to give you. Make sure your passport has 6 months before it expires. Also there are some heat waves going on up here too a so check the weather where you’re going (may not be THAT much cooler).

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Hey check out collingwood ontario, or better yet tobermory Ontario! Not sure if you have time to make it to Ontario or not, it takes about 4 days to get to Ontario from Vancouver and After you pass Calgary it’s pretty flat and not that exciting until
Ontario then it gets forestys and lakey. Big beautiful fresh water lakes great wildlife! If coming to Ontario do watch out for police they can be jerks.

Crossing the boarder…as a Canadian getting home is easy hahaha crossing as an American I have no idea. Don’t bring firearms, weapons, drugs, fresh veg or any wood, you should be safe otherwise. The boarded Gaurds are usually pretty friendly so just be honest and happy and they will be sure to accommodate.

Please feel free to reach out and I’ll do the best I can to help you out with any info, I just drove across Canada in April from Vancouver.

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What province you guys heading to first?

Check out this post too!

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