First time, starting build

Hello, I am new to this a have recently purchased a used2019 Ram Pro master 2500. I am pondering having my floor sprayed with line x to take care of some scratching that came with the van. This would be the base layer before any insulation and flooring is installed. Just thinking it would help with any corrosion that could occur due to condensation or spillage. What are soe thoughts?

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If it’s a cargo van, I would probably do the whole interior, floor, walls, and ceiling, and even the floor in the cab.


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I’m new myself, but props man. Good luck with everything! I hope everything turns out well. Great idea with the Line X, seems like that is an awesome idea!!

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i wish you good luck. I think, it’s a good idea to change the floor, but if I were you, I’d change as much as possible, because I like to do everything myself.

It would certainly work but its probably overkill. I used a Rust-Oleum product and it has been fine so far. If you want something super tough, por15 may be a cheaper option than line x, it won’t have the texture and dries hard as a rock. Plus prep is easier as the por stands for paint over rust.