First Road Trip in Austria, can I have some tips?

Hello, fellow vanlifers!

In a few days, Iā€™m going to put a mattress in the back of my car and drive around in Austria for 14 days. My first Road Trip ever!! Any tips on where to drive and what to do in Austria right now. Also, any tips for what to take with me would be appreciated :innocent: :sweat_smile:

thanks, matt from @everyday.vanlife on IG (I will post my trip there maybe)

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Please post them here too!


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Austria is a beautiful country - take a camera. What you go to see is totally up to you and your interests. If you like the mountains go up into the Alps and over the many mountain passes. The cities there are nice too - many museums and other attractions. When I lived in Europe I skied there, and passed through on my way in and out of Lichtenstein and Switzerland many times. Study the history and it will be more rewarding.

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