First Post here

So I’m a full time college student currently working on my Masters degree. I’ve lived in an RV before for about a year and fell in love it. So what I decided to do was a van conversion

that would allow me to travel around the country for my last year of school. I purchased an 1989 Chevy Beauville van for my conversion.

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Rad! Welcome to the community! Do you have plans yet for building her out?

I dont yet but I’ve seen a few builds that im considering. I only get paid every two months though so after buying the van my budget is pretty tight. I wanted so start simple at first and maybe add as i go, if thats even possible.

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Congratulations on your purchase! A common theme I’ve read throughout this forum (and completely agree with) is to try something simple and temporary first. This will help eliminate the potential of wishing you did things differently! It’s definitely possible to add as you go, like you mentioned. In fact, it’s probably the best way to do it in my opinion. Using your rig throughout the process allows you to recognize what you might be missing or what you really use the most.

Happy to serve as a resource in any way that I can!

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