Finding our home to be!

Welp, another one bites the dust!

We came home empty handed after a 12 hour round trip drive to go see a Class C RV. We really thought it was the one, I had been talking to the seller for weeks! Alas, there was water damage, a significant amount of replacements needed, and he had re wired the majority of the rig himself. We just weren’t comfortable with it and now we are looking for plan B…again. It’s more llke plan H at this point, but I figure the one that’s meant to be will be!

I know we will have lots of questions as we go along,but I’m glad to now have this forum to turn to.

For now, we are still choosing between a tiny class C, a van, or dragging a tear drop. We have seen benefits and draw backs of each.

Beyond the obvious ( Bathroom, shower, etc) what are your thoughts on how they compare?


I went with a class B because it’s just me and I also wanted the ability to be comfortable driving it. The class C’s just felt too big for me space-wise and also to drive around. My class B can also park on any urban street without issues (in some cities like mine you can’t park an RV for longer than XX days or hours). Those were big decision factors for me!


Those are awesome points! Parking is an issue we want to avoid, so something smaller would be ideal. I’m not the biggest fan of having a trailer through the winter months either, though that would depend on the path we chose to take.

Our local city just passed a new law regarding people camping in their vehicles on public roads, so being discreet will now be even more important starting out.

Thanks for the input!

Choosing the right vehicle is definitely one of the most frustrating parts!!
We will be sure to help you out with any questions or concerns you have :slight_smile:

Feel free to continue posting throughout your search

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